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Which start-ups and scale-ups can be found in
The Birdhouse?

The selected start-ups are the result of an intensive selection round. Who's behind these ambitious projects? Who is guiding them? Find out all about it below!


With Creatool's first educational package, we provide space for passion and creativity in education. The package includes a complete construction kit with wooden shelves, wheels, blocks and iron connectors. With this kit and the accompanying didactic papers children can fully express their creativity.

Schoeters en Martens


Smart gift vouchers for SMEs and cities. For SMEs, we ensure a simple administrationprocess and fair payment of the gift vouchers. The cities can give their residents a voucher valid with multiple local traders without having to do the organization themselves. allows manufacturers to offer a product configurator to their distributors and installers. The latter can then easily configure the product, set up the price list, generate 3D models and drawings, with a clear business proposal as result.

Cycle Valley

Cycle Valley creates "happy mobility solutions" by offering carefree and tailor-made solutions for business bikes. Cycle Valley focuses on cities and companies of the future, which focus on sustainability, viability, efficiency and quality.

Jureca (used to be "Advocas")

Jureca is an independent digital platform where law seekers and lawyers can get in contact more efficiently. It guides law seekers through the complex legal landscape and gives them a first answer to simple legal questions. The lawyer can profile him/herself more efficiently towards potential clients.


MusiCasa offers professional training for DJs and music producers. Through an online platform, they facilitate connections between professional or amateur musicians and aspiring musicians.


Inerro is an online platform that allows foreign students to easily find a job in the city they're currently staying. With a tool like Inerro, we want to ensure that the (often very expensive) foreign experience for students remains affordable, and the student can get acquainted with the local economy.


Book a unique activity! Through the BlueBear platform, you can easily book new and unique sports activities in your area. Through our platform, the organizer can bring his activities to a larger audience, with no hasstle regarding administration since our tool takes care of that.


Entusia produces and sells specially designed underwear for people with urinary loss, as a replacement for expensive and disposable pads with odor problems, infections and irritation. The pad in the undergarment is antibacterially treated and offers unrivaled comfort.


Textgain's artificial intelligence allows you to perform automatic text analysis in real time and on a large scale. This turns social media into a continuously up-to-date polling station, giving you insight into the (dis)likes of your target audience or that of your competitors.

SET Travel

SET designs smart travel bags (flashpacks) like the "Numi" with solar panels, so you can always travel fully charged, safe and organized.


With Taglayer, companies can easily personalize their website in real time, based on the interests and personality of their visitors. These personalizations provide more conversions on the website.

Selma (Self-Learning Marketing Assistant) is the data scientist at the fingertips of every marketer, the AI ​​for customer retention. Through machine learning, Selma teaches more about your existing contacts databases and gives you smart insights to improve your marketing efforts.


Plann3r allows you to plan meetings a lot faster than you are used to. Link both calendars to Plann3r, and let our tool book the best possible slot for you, taking into account other appointments, location and time zones. No more back and forth mails and calls. Stop wasting time. Start smart scheduling!

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