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Which start-ups and scale-ups can be found in
The Birdhouse?

The selected start-ups are the result of an intensive selection round. Who's behind these ambitious projects? Who is guiding them? Find out all about it below!


LumiGen develops luminescent plants. Not just as living room decorations, but also as essential lighting in third-world countries for people who don't have access to electricity.


Trying to find a way to stop food waste? Wonky offers a simple solution for saving fresh vegetables: tasty, healthy dips packed with rescued veggies.


DRAW is a one-man design studio which designs and operates functional sculptures based on digital 3D designs.


The virtual engagement coach for you and your organisation: get personalised advice to improve your work and team experience.

Luggage Butler

Luggage Butler makes travelling even more enjoyable by taking your luggage from your house to the hotel, so you don't have to worry and can enjoy your holiday right from day one.


This social and competitive gaming platform offers a stage and in-app earnings to local gamers of all levels, unites them in a community and enables companies to efficiently reach this otherwise inaccessible audience.


Washcot diaper service rents out and washes reusable diapers with a weekly delivery and pick-up service for private customers and day-care centres.


AcademicLabs aims to become the optimal matchmaker in the research community. It is their goal to facilitate research and make it transparent by introducing the sharing economy into the academic world.

Friends and Fools

Unique, adventurous getaway solutions for people looking for an unforgettable experience.

World of WAW

The WoW 3D product configurator enables your customer to build the product of their dreams in high-end 3D. The mixed reality technology allows for each design to be tested in real size, enabling the customer to see the price impact of each of their choices.


An application digitising cafés and events. The entire ordering process is automated so you can fully enjoy your evening.


A visualisation studio with innovative designs & solutions. Pixelbrave creates high-end visualisations for your product or event, for both internal and commercial purposes.


iFLUX developed a measurement technology to map the speed and direction of pollution in groundwater over a certain period of time. These flux measurements provide answers to key questions before, during and after remediation.


A smart digital platform connecting brokers, advisors and insurers to each other.

Alma.Care offers ‘Health as a Service’ to monitor and analyse your health 24/7.

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