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Christophe Degrez

CEO Eneco Belgium

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"Goesting Forever!"

Christophe Degrez is one of Belgiums great advocates for renewable energy and sustainability at large. In 2010 he took on his current role as CEO of Eneco Belgium when starting up the Belgian unit of the Dutch-based Eneco Group. Since then he has set the vision and mission for Eneco Belgium, which is focused on driving strategic business growth through the implementation of sustainable energy production, the development of strategic partnerships, innovation and the growth of business operations within the residential and business markets. Today Eneco Belgium has grown to be a recognized player in the industry, with a turnover of 500 million euro and over 200 employees. 

Christophe has over two decades of experience in the Belgian energy industry. Prior to starting Eneco Belgium, he also started Nuon Belgium, today known as Eni, in 2002 where he held different positions leading up to a position as a senior executive. As an expert in his field, he is also one of the leading members of The Shift, a Belgian meeting point for sustainability. 

Being an inspired and inspirational leader, he was awarded the title of Young Top Manager of the Year 2015. This recognition, which is given to young managers who apply an innovative approach and an entrepreneurial attitude to daily business, is awarded by a panel of top Belgian captains of industry. 

As a true entrepreneur, Christophe is one of the co-founders of the tech start-up Uest. Together with a small group of Belgian entrepreneurs, Uest successfully launched Zembro, a truly unique personal assistant that offers freedom, independence, peace of mind to elderly people and their families. 

Christophe is particularly driven in social responsible entrepreneurship, also being part of the Social Innovation Accelerator.

Christophe is a true family man, who enjoys spending quality time with his wife and 3 children.

"Het is belangrijk dat ik de passie en de gedrevenheid van de starter kan voelen, dat er een goed doordacht business plan is maar vooral ook een go-to-market plan. Een start-up kan bij mij terecht voor een klankbord, straight feedback, een energy boost, begeleiding van het idee naar een bedrijf. Ik ben geïnteresseerd in de start-up wereld om zo mensen, ideeën maar ook mezelf te laten evolueren."

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