At Birdhouse, our programs stand out for their distinctiveness and superiority, thanks to several key factors.

First off, we’re not your typical accelerator – we’re a powerhouse combining an accelerator with the muscle of an early-stage investor. This means we’ve got significant capital at our disposal for post-program investments, giving your startup a major financial boost.

What really sets us apart is our motivation. Birdhouse is an entrepreneurial brainchild, independently and privately backed, built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
Our aim? To forge the ultimate breeding ground for startups, driving both commercial success and societal change.
Our program is meticulously crafted to scale your business, not just to teach you the basics or refine your idea.

Our commitment to your growth is long-term, far beyond the typical 3-6 months of standard accelerators. We’re talking a 5-7 year journey of partnership, support, and growth.
We recognize that true success takes time, and we’re here for the long haul. After the program, we’re right there with you, ready to co-invest up to Series B, with potential investments of up to €1,25 million in a single company. And it doesn’t stop there – we’re ready to take board positions when needed and connect you with the strategic partners and mentors who can drive your growth.

We are actively seeking startups poised to create significant change. Your company should be demonstrating potential, be it through commercial success or academic recognition, and be ready to elevate to a higher level. At Birdhouse, we aim to do more than just help you launch; we’re here to help you reach new heights of success.