Joining Birdhouse is a game-changing experience for your startup’s journey. Imagine having a tribe that not only invests in your vision but also pro-actively propels your growth.

We offer a significant boost by igniting your startup journey with first capital or adding fuel to an existing funding mix through our investment fund, Birdhouse Ventures, which has the capacity to invest cumulatively up to €1,25 million. More importantly, our commitment doesn’t stop at funding.

As part of your journey, we dive deep into the heart of your startup, during an intense 12-week program, offering hands-on support in the areas we know to be the most challenging and impactful to accelerate:

  • Nailing your product-market-fit, covering everything from identifying the right market segment(s) for your product to defining the right pricing model and moving from pilots to recurring customers
  • Defining the right fundraising strategy and finding the right investors who not only invest money in the business but are a tangible added value
  • Become a master at storytelling, communicating clearly about your mission and ambitions, resulting in a strong tribe of believers that help support your growth