Demo Day of Cohort 14

Newest Birdhouse alumni pitch in front of 100+ potential investors

Anke Artois I Marketing & Communications

On January 25th, the newest batch of Birdhouse alumni pitched in front of 100+ potential investors during our Demo Day. This event concluded the latest 12-week program of the 14th cohort of Birdhouse.

Our event venue “De Serre” was buzzing with the energy of eight innovative startups, each one ready to show off weeks of sweat and hard work.

This wasn’t just any end-of-program celebration, but also a showcase of how far each startup had come, all wrapped up in the unique atmosphere only the Birdhouse tribe can bring.

Perfecting their pitch

For twelve weeks, these startups have been polishing and perfecting their pitches.

They weren’t just talking to walls, though. Every session they were facing a new set of eyes and ears—mentors, advisors, the folks who've seen it all before.

Talk about cooking your way to perfection! Because we believe that this kind of pressure shapes and creates diamonds!

The panel & the pitches

Our startups had the chance to pitch in front of more than 100 investors from both within and beyond the Birdhouse network.

We concluded with a very insightful conversation between members of the Birdhouse network. Our panel, Catalina Daniels, Frank Claassen, Roeland Pelgrims & Pablo Oeyen, dropped insights and experiences from the 12 weeks that passed, alongside Andres Rapp of Clever.Care, a proud alumnus.

This all with Birdhouse team member Hadewig Decorte guiding us through the day.

Another successful event

It was clear—this wasn’t just another networking event. It was a gathering of our Birdhouse tribe, all there to lift each other higher. The pitches? Night and day difference from day one, showing just what happens when you put your all into it. The exchange of contacts afterward wasn’t just polite business card swaps; it was the start of conversations that might just be the beginnings of the next big thing.

And the Birdhouse crew? They were proud as can be of pushing this program and its participants to new heights, with the support of a tribe of mentors and advisors!

We even had an alum flying in from Italy, just to catch the vibe and reconnect. If that doesn’t tell you about the bond the Birdhouse tribe creates, what will?