Meet the startups of Cohort 15

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Birdhouse Cohort 15
Birdhouse Cohort 15

We are proud to introduce these 11 promising startups that are part of our 15th Cohort. This group of founders, coming from various corners of Europe, represents a dynamic mix of innovations. From advanced technologies in machine learning and supply chain management to revolutionary approaches in hearing care and home care, each startup is ready to make their unique mark. Discover the startups in this article!

AxonJay is a multi-award-winning global deep-tech company that developed a trailblazing & unique Self-Machine-Learning Platform™, which reveals & predicts companies' true behaviour in real-time.

  • Program: Tech in Belgium
  • Founder: Jean-Philippe Schepens van Thiel
  • Website:
  • Country: Belgium



Eargym is shaping the future of hearing care with fun, accessible auditory training. With their program, which you can access via the app, they make it possible for you to train 5 essential hearing skills: detection, discrimination, localization, intelligibility in silence, and in noise. Strengthening core auditory processing skills with training can help to reduce listening fatigue, improve social connections, and make it easier to socialize in noisy settings.



Fabel is a smart professional for any home care situation. The platform creates an individual one-click universe for care knowledge, health management and daily organization for anyone involved.

  • Program: AgeTech in Europe
  • Founder: Alicia Faridi, Maximiliane Kugler
  • Website:
  • Country: Germany



GoodLifeSorted is an online marketplace connecting elderly people and their families with local, vetted ‘Helpers’ who provide home helper services, such as light cleaning, shopping, transport, meal preparation, companionship and more. Their Helpers also visit residents in care homes, ensuring they maintain a sense of identity.



Hyperfox is the data hub for a real-time, end-to-end view of your supply chain - efficiently connecting manufacturers, warehousers, distributors,… Powered by HyperAutomation and AI. In other words it’s the supply chain control tower for operational efficiency.

Hyperfox - Cohort 15



Lipefi is on a mission to enable startups to be financially efficient. But what exactly does that mean? Lipefi provides credit cards for European startups and is a smart spending platform that integrates payment solutions, expense management, and liquidity. You’ll have high limits, instant onboarding, full control, insights, and planning tools. All from one platform.

  • Program: Tech in Belgium
  • Founder: Christophe Sion, Georgy Taranov
  • Website:
  • Country: Belgium
Lipefi - Cohort 15



Marple is a software platform that is specialized in the processing, visualization and analysis of large time series data sets typically used in engineering and R&D. Think about visualizing & analyzing the data coming from your sensors, in a cloud platform!

Marple - Cohort 15



Navel Robotics develops and sells the social robot Navel. With its deep-tech approach (Edge Device Machine Learning + LLM) to social intelligence and artificial empathy, Navel is unique, which is why both international researchers and major German care providers work with it. In care homes, Navel provides additional emotional and cognitive activation for people in need of care and relieves the burden on care staff.

Navel Robotics - Cohort 15



Pal is a palliative care platform for better at-home care. It’s a very helpful digital care solution for families affected by life-limiting illnesses. Through the digital solution you’ll receive help to plan care, monitor symptoms, and other practical tips. Pal enables you to find answers to all of your care-related questions.



Steadiwear is a revolutionary wearable to have steady hands. ‘Steadi-Two’ is a ground-breaking glove designed to significantly reduce your hand tremor in Essential tremor. The glove provides instant stability to your tremor, no batteries or charging are required and it’s very lightweight.

Steadiwear - Cohort 15



Tenbeo developed an authentication protocol based on people's heartbeats. This technology prevents identity theft, fraud and deep fakes as the human heartbeat is impossible to forge. By using a person's unique heart rate patterns to verify their identity, it’s more difficult for fraudsters to impersonate someone else and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information or perform fraudulent transactions. The technology ensures that only authorized individuals can access personal accounts or perform transactions. It becomes significantly harder for fraudsters to impersonate someone else and carry out fraudulent activities.

The journey of our new cohort has just begun, but the door is always open for future innovators who want to join our tribe. At Birdhouse, we are constantly looking for startups that not only challenge what is possible but are also driven to make a real impact. Interested in being part of our tribe of seasoned (AgeTech) mentors and advisors, receiving an initial investment of Birdhouse Ventures and joining an intensive program? Sign up for our next selection round. Let's realize your vision together and change the world. See you soon at Birdhouse, where your entrepreneurial dream takes flight.