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Birdhouse hosts European AgeTech Meetup

Time to bring together the founders that shape the future of our society!

Anke Artois I Marketing & Communications

On September 13th 2023 we'll host the 'European AgeTech Meetup' with Papa's Jake Rothstein as the exclusive speaker! We really look forward to this first-of-its-kind event in Europe, uniting different AgeTech entrepreneurs who are making getting older the best thing in the world.

Our speakers

Some companies joining already

Cubigo (Belgium), Colette, Alphonse & STUDIO TWINS PARIS (Paris), Cocooners (Milan), MindAhead & family.cards (former Reach) (Berlin), Maya VR (Amsterdam), Vermut & Cuideo (Barcelona)

We're already looking forward to the insights and expertise these pioneers will bring to the table, as they discuss the latest trends, challenges, and possibilities in the AgeTech industry.

What's in store

Morning Session:

  • Enlightening talks and panel discussions led by our accomplished speakers.
  • Exploring the potential of AgeTech to transform the aging experience.

Afternoon Session:

  • Showcase of startup pitches, unveiling innovative approaches in AgeTech.
  • Network moment with speakers and fellow attendees.
  • Exchanging ideas and forging collaborations in a relaxed setting.

We already look forward to Europe's first AgeTech entrepreneurial gathering.